9 Natural DIY Essentials – JCantral

9 Natural DIY Essentials – JCantral

If you’ve read any of this blog, you know I love to make my own cleaning and personal care products. Getting started can be a little overwhelming, though. What are the basic products you need for natural DIY? How do you know you’re getting a quality product? Is it expensive to get started? These are all questions that were swirling in my brain. I did a lot of reading and collected recipes for DIY products, but ultimately I had to just dive in to really figure out what was going to work for us. So if you’re looking to get started on the natural DIY path, I’d like to help you sort out the confusion.

Cost and Quality of Natural DIY

As far as quality goes, you will have to do a little research on the individual product. Organic is always a great choice. Look for 100% organic. For a product to receive the label USDA Organic, it must also be free of GMO’s. The reverse, however, isn’t necessarily true. A product labeled non-gmo isn’t necessarily organic. I’m not going to go into details on this, but this article explains it really well. Read the ingredients carefully and check up on the product’s manufacturer if you can. Read product reviews and the questions and answers section. These are great resources for learning about a product.

When starting out in natural DIY, it may cost a little bit. For example, a half gallon of castile soap will cost about $25. That might seem like a lot of money to pay out, but I bought mine a year ago and only used about two-thirds of it. So a little goes a long way, and in the long run, you will save money. Read more about the cost of natural DIY products in this article.

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DIY Natural Essentials

Each item in this list is also a link, so you can find these items easily. Keep in mind I only recommend products I use myself. So what are the basic products to get started on the DIY natural path?

  1. Castile soap is used in everything from homemade shampoo to hand soap to wipe spray.
  2. Bentonite clay useful for anti-itch cream, facial masks, toothpaste and even hair health.
  3. Turmeric powder is amazing for pain relief and also great in facial masks.
  4. Witch hazel allows your essential oils to blend better with liquids and is also a cleanser.
  5. Grapefruit seed extract will prevent water based items from breeding bacteria, extending their shelf life. It’s also useful as a disinfectant.
  6. Essential oils are essential (pardon the pun) for natural DIY. I use one or more in most of my DIY items. There are so many that I’m not going to go into each one, but this variety pack is a great starter kit. There are many brands to choose from as well, but I like Now Solutions. I feel that they ensure great quality, yet their oils are more affordable than many others.
  7. Beeswax pellets can be melted into lotion bars, moisturizers, and salves. Beeswax is nourishing to the skin and will give your products the right texture to easily spread on your skin.
  8. Cocoa butter is also great for your skin. I use it in lotion bars and other moisturizers.
  9. Coconut oil is useful as a carrier oil and is also great for your skin. Look for organic and unrefined.

A few other items that are useful to have around for natural DIY: vinegar, purified water, baking soda, and aloe vera gel.

What are your must-have items for natural DIY? Let me know in the comments below!

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