Coming home to leftovers

Coming home to leftovers

We’ve all been in the situation where you made food or you brought food home with you and then the next day you were super excited to eat it and you check the fridge and it’s gone. That moment is one filled with sadness and a little bit of anger depending on what the food was.

But… then you get the flip side. When you come home, crack open the fridge and find your leftovers right where you left them the day before. Untouched and ready for you to consume. You look in the fridge, take a sigh of relief and head to the microwave.

For those of you who have never experienced the sadness of losing your leftovers you’ve clearly never lived with other people or you only eat weird bland foods that no one else has an interest in.

Now, I’m going to head to my fridge and hope that my homemade mac and cheese is still there (recipe for that coming soon).

Coming home and having your leftovers right where you left them…

Now that’s Simply Awesome!

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