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How to Create Engaging Content<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">6</span> min read</span>

With 2020 off to a roaring start, providing your followers with quality content is more important than ever. Are you providing your followers with informative content? If not, ask yourself why? When running a brand or selling services on Instagram, it’s important to show your community that you have important knowledge and you can provide tips. This will help them see the value in your page.

Over the years, social media has changed. We use social media apps WAY more than we used to. 7 in 10 American’s use social media… 70%. This is up from just 5% back in 2005 (when social media was starting to become a thing). That’s a lot of content being put on the web, so you need to make sure what you’re putting out there stands out. Otherwise, it will just blend in to the blur of people’s feeds. The apps we use are forever changing from back in the day when Myspace was all the rage to nowadays with apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.


So, What’s New In 2020?


As 2019 was coming to a close, I kept seeing articles pop up about people’s 2020 predictions for Instagram. Instagram is one of my favorite apps, both for business and personal use. With the changing algorithm and growth in the app that occurred in 2019, I was interested in people’s thoughts for the changes 2020 might bring. Captions kept coming up especially “more emphasis on captions”, with saying that captions might start becoming more important than photos.

I agree with this but as a photographer, I will continue putting a lot of emphasis on good photo content. Other things I saw popping up were IGTV gaining more series content, Influensters putting emphasis on authenticity, more shopping and an increase in user content, especially high-quality content.


High-Quality Content

Now I want to focus on this last one a little more. Creating high-quality content is key, especially when you consider the fact that Instagram has over 500 million active daily users. That’s a lot of content being created! In order to grow your brand on social media, you have to find a way for your content to stand out and make an impact.

This is where I think captions come into play. If you can make a meaningful connection with your followers or potential new followers, they’re more likely to follow you on your journey and see what you have to offer. This can, down the line, lead to an increase in sales or new clients that you’re gaining from Instagram.

I’ve talked a lot about the changes Instagram is seeing but content creation is important in a number of venues. Questions about content creation always come up, whether for blog posts or Insta photos. It can be easy to get writer’s block or content block, which is why I’ve come up with some tips to creating engaging content so you’re never stuck without an idea.


Create Some Bomb Content


Some things to think about when you’re trying to create content are:


  • What can you teach your audience?

Whether it’s a new tip or something you recently learned, take the time and teach your audience about it. Most people have something their knowledgeable and passionate about that others would love to learn more about. For me, it’s photography, branding and content creation. Find your thing and teach it to anyone who will listen.

This is an easy way to utilize stories. Consider doing a weekly “Tuesday Tip” for your audience where you give some feedback or advice. The key to something like this is consistency so that your audience knows to expect it and will engage with your tips.


  • Experiences you’ve recently had

Try something new in your city or recently went on vacation? Turn that into an opportunity to create some content. Share your experience and any notes you’d have for someone looking to do a similar thing. This can be anything from trying a new local coffee shop to a pop-up event or travelling to a new city.


  • Find a hole and fill it

Think about what your niche might be missing, now find a way to fill that hole. Is there a question you often get asked by your clients or followers? Take some time to expand on your usual answer and share it with your community. If one person’s asking you something, odds are there are others out there wondering the same thing.


Gimme Those Ideas


If you’re still a little stumped for what your next post should be, I’ve included a list with some examples of posts you could try. It can be hard to come up with consistently new content, but lucky for you I’m always full of ideas.



Content for your blog:

  • Top 5 coffee shops in your area (to work in)
  • Your morning routine and how you stick to it
  • The story behind your blog
  • Tips to beat writer’s block
  • 5 ways to get better Instagram photos


Content for Instagram:

  • Photo editing tip (with before + after photos)
  • Tuesday Tips (Stories or posts)
  • How to improve your photos
  • Something new you just learned (maybe consider creating a video for IGTV or stories)
  • Document an experience you’re doing


If you’re ever in doubt about what to post next, I suggest looking back on your stats. Find the content that’s had the most engagement and create something similar. Eventually, this will help you narrow down your niche and really talk to those followers that are there to listen and who might turn into clients.


Just Be Yourself


Overall, the best content is the stuff that stays true to your brand. Be yourself and show your personality. You make your brand, don’t be afraid to show your face around your Instagram or your blog. Use your experiences and teach what you know. If you want your following to engage with the content you’re putting out then it has to interest them.

Narrow down your niche and cater to them. With so many people throwing content out there you can’t cater to everyone. Find the people you want to connect with and make it happen. Create content that your dream clients will engage with and work at it until they see it. This is some of the best advice I have for creating a brand you’re happy with that’s successful at the same time.

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