Screw Writer’s Block and Get Writing6 min read

Bye Bye Writer’s Block!


We’ve all been there… the dreaded writer’s block. Staring at your screen for hours just waiting for that great idea so you can start writing your next blog post.


As a blogger, you’re told to post often but only post amazing content. You might be thinking, how am I supposed to have both quality and quantity? Don’t those two things not go together?


The Answer?


If you want quantity, all of your posts won’t be the best they can. If you want quality then you may end up having a week where you don’t post anything. The choice is up to you.


Would you rather post consistently but sometimes feel like it’s not your best writing or wait for that perfect post before putting it up? Now I can’t answer that question for you, as it’s a personal decision but I do believe that it’s better to get content out there than to wait around for the “perfect post”.


That being said, quality is one of the most important things you can have. BUT… don’t let it stop you from posting. In a world where so many people are putting content onto the internet, you have to get seen.


Amazing content will help with that but no one can engage with your blog if you don’t post. I’m not saying to launch a bunch of meaningless content but sometimes it can be great rather than perfect.


Quality Over Quantity – But Still Create Something


First of all, what I think is the perfect post might not be what my readers want to see from me. As a writer, I have my opinion and experiences. My goal is to connect with as many of you as possible and share some amazing content. Sometimes that means releasing a post without knowing how it’s going to do. Posting something that I think has value, but maybe my readers aren’t 100% aligned with.


This isn’t the same as spewing out 4 posts in a week because I feel like I have to. BUT it also gets me out of my head and allows me to post without constantly worrying if it’s a good enough post. There’s also the added benefit of using trial and error to find out what works. Once you know what your audience wants from you, it’s easier to create more of it.


Secondly, I find it helpful to just start writing. If I try to write, even if it’s about the weather or what’s on my mind, just getting anything on the page helps. Once I start writing the creativity flows and I tend to be able to divert back to my posts. I never post those “brain dumps” of writing but it’s something I do to help me start writing again.


Pick a topic your readers can connect with. Jot down anything that comes to mind for that post, then go back and revise. This is how I write most of my posts. I sit down and flood the page with thoughts and then go back and clean it up. Get rid of the spots where I was rambling and add in some more insight later.


Remember that nothing you write is written in stone. If you decide that it’s not your best you can always take it down, try again or post something different. Now, there is nothing wrong with waiting for the perfect idea to come to you before making a post but just be prepared to wait.


Get Those Writing Juices Flowing


For those of you who might need a little help getting the ball rolling on your first or next blog post, I have come up with a list of 15 ideas!


  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2.  Top 5 apps that you’re loving right now
  3. Share some money-saving tips
  4. 10 facts about you
  5. Your yearly goals and how you’re achieving them
  6. Top 5 blogs or Instagram accounts you’re loving this month
  7. Tips for starting a blog or a blogging checklist
  8. Best local co-working spaces (or coffee shops for working)
  9. The story behind your brand
  10. What’s your morning routine?
  11. Create a top 10 list for something you’re knowledgeable
  12. Review your favourite motivational book
  13. Share a business failure you’ve had, everything can’t be great
  14. What your quarterly and yearly goals are, and why?
  15. Engagement tips for your blog or social media


Now this “bonus” one isn’t exactly a blog post you’d write but if you’re struggling to have consistent posts for your blog I suggest considering guest posts. Find a few other writers/bloggers in your niche and use guest posts as a way to enhance your engagement and keep posts consistent.


This is a great way to gain some new viewers, especially if you go the cross-posting route where you both guest post for each other’s blog.


Be Consistent

Another tip I have is to set aside a little time each day for your writing. Be consistent about it and dedicate 30 minutes or so to post creation. For me, I’ve worked it into my morning routine. Every morning I get up, have my coffee and work on content creation. Dedicating the time for it helps me clear my mind of other tasks and really focus on what I’m writing.

At the same time, it allows me to have multiple posts on the go. When I get stuck on one post I’ll move onto the next one and try to make some progress there. This means that when I go to post on my blog I have a few options to pick from.


I love having options because I let my community pick what they want to hear next. I’ll often ask my Instagram what blog posts they want to see from me or any topics they want me to cover.


Take advantage of your social media and social circle if you’re ever stumped for what to post next. Those are the people who are going to read your posts. So, give the people what they want!

17 thoughts on “Screw Writer’s Block and Get Writing

  1. These are great tips! I always try to focus on my readers, so in this response to your ideas to get juices flowing, here are a few more focused on readers. Let’s say your niche is fashionable 20 somethings.

    Favorite apps that benefit fashionable 20 somethings.
    10 books every fashionable lady should read before 30.
    Why I’ve given up avocado toast (and you can too)
    How to Try New Things to Spice Up Your Fashion Sense
    Top 7 Ted Talks for Millennials

    Think about who you want to write for, and then adjust everything you say to speak directly to them. Niche down and you’ll be able to know exactly what you need to write every time you sit down.

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    1. Hey! Happy to hear that you’ve been a long time reader and I’m glad that you’ve commented. The theme I’m using is called “Kale” and I take no offence at the term simplistic. That’s what I was going for. If I have some time I’ll check it out 🙂

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