My January Top 5

My January Top 5

This year I decided that I wanted to document my 5 favorite things each month. These things might be anything from beauty to clothes to books. My top 5 products for the month of January include a range of products that are all things I use on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

  1. Speed Up Tight from Lululemon

I got these at the end of December and they are SOOO comfy and they have pockets. Pockets! I know right that’s almost unheard of for women’s pants, let alone leggings. We’re normally stuck with tiny little waistband pockets but these have full iPhone 6 sized pockets. Not gonna lie I have been wearing them almost every other day (one great benefit of working from home). I got them in the dark olive color because I already have black ones and wanted to try something different.

These pants actually have a bit of a story as to why I bought them. I was on set one day filming for a short film and I had to do some sound effect work with the audio guy (who also happens to be my boyfriend). We were outside and had to get a bottle smashing sound effect and when I smashed the bottle I got a little shard of glass in my leg. I was wearing my favorite lulu’s on set that day and needless to say I was more upset that there was now a hole in my pants than that I was bleeding a little. After that happened I went and bought these pants to replace the old ones and they are now my favorite pants.

2. Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

This stuff is amazing especially if you’re dealing with a cold winter like I am. I live in Ottawa, Canada and they keep telling us that we are the coldest capital on the weather. Cold sucks! I would much rather be comfy at home with a cup of tea and my laptop doing my work from the couch. However, small things like this lip balm to help make cold winters just that much easier to deal with. The pomegranate oil in the lip balm is super hydrating and it leaves a great scent.

3. David’s Tea 20oz gold tumbler

Gold Perfect Tumbler 20 oz

David’s Tea came out with a 20oz gold tumbler as part of their new years eve collection. I saw someone posted a photo of it on their Instagram story and I just had to have one. Luckily for me, I got a David’s Tea gift card for Christmas. I drove straight to my nearest David’s Tea because I know how fast these things can sell out. It’s a good thing I did too because when I got there they only had 2 left in stock. Since I bought it, it has become my everyday mug. I love that it’s bigger than most of the mugs (which helps when you drink 6 cups of tea a day). Plus, the double insulated walls keep it hot for a long time, even when I leave it in my car in -30 weather. The only downside to the tumbler that I’ve noticed is the lid. I find that that slider on top doesn’t always stay up when drinking. Also, it’s not leakproof but that’s not a huge issue for me. All in all, it’s a great tea mug especially for commuting to school or work.

4. Dell XPS 15 Laptop

Being a videographer and video editor having a solid laptop is very important. I had bought a laptop before starting my college program in 2015 which lasted me through my 2-year program but then started having some issues. I was starting to do a lot more editing and all of my footage was 4k so my old laptop couldn’t handle it. This laptop ended up being a joint birthday and Christmas present from my dad and grandmother and it’s amazing! It has a 4k screen which is great for editing my footage, it’s much faster than my old laptop and works way better. I use my laptop every day for work so having a good quality one was really important to me. I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone else who is looking for one!

5. Plant Therapy 7&7 Essential Oils pack

7 & 7 Essential Oil Set
 (You can buy it here!)

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people posting on Instagram about essential oils. I had heard of many benefits to them but had not tried them myself. A few Instagrammers gave me some samples/rollers which was really helpful. As soon as I tried them I loved them! I started looking into companies that sell essential oils to find the one that would work best for me.

My requirements were that the company had to have great reviews, high-quality oils and not break the bank. I took a few weeks to just read reviews and look through websites of dozens of companies. There were a number of good contenders but I ended up settling with Plant Therapy. They are a family owned business with good prices oils and a great reputation. I ordered their 7&7 pack of essential oils which contains their top 7 singles and top 7 of their synergies, which are their oil blends. (If you’re interested in hearing more about the essential oils I will be making a post once I get the chance to try all 14 of the oils).

I had a hard time trying to narrow it down to my top 5 products this month because I got the chance to try so many amazing things. I will definitely be continuing this for the rest of the year! If you have products you think I should try leave a comment below and I will try my best to give them all a try in the next month or two.


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