Occo Kitchen Review

Occo Kitchen Review

My friend Sara and I go on brunch dates to catch up every few weeks or so. We’re both busy people and don’t have too much extra time between her in school and us both working but we always make time for brunch. Last week we decided to change it up a little and go out for dinner instead. We decided to try Occo Kitchen in Orleans since neither of us had been.

First impressions of Occo Kitchen:
The place was dimly light and right from walking in it had a very neat vibe. The layout of the restaurant was different from a lot that I have been to and I was really liking what they had going. The place also smelled amazing! (I guess that might be expected of most restaurants but still)

The food:
As soon as I saw tacos on the menu I knew what I was getting. I LOVE tacos and even though it wasn’t a Tuesday I decided to make an exception to try them and boy and I glad that I did. I got one of their crispy fish tacos and one chicken club taco (both without the heirloom tomatoes). I was decently hungry, and since I didn’t know how big the tacos would be, so I got a side of their herb fries as well. The tacos were amazing, to say the least. I keep thinking about those tacos and I will definitely be doing back sometime soon.

Overall review:
4.5/5 stars!
I would recommend this to anyone living in Ottawa. The atmosphere is great, everyone was very friendly. The food was amazing (Sara got a burger and she really liked it) and the prices are very reasonable for what you’re getting. If anyone in Ottawa wants to go send me a message and I would love to join you!

Simply Izzy ♡

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