When your package FINALLY arrives

When your package FINALLY arrives

I love online shopping! It’s super convenient and you can find anything and everything you might need.

There’s nothing better than lying in bed curled up with your laptop and credit card placing an order. Well… almost nothing better.

The issue is that it’s all fun and games until you’ve placed the order. After that, you play the waiting game which is MUCH less fun than shopping. Once you’ve placed an order you have anywhere from 2-15 days (or longer depending on where in the world it’s coming from) of waiting.

Every day you check the mailbox or hope that the mailman rings your doorbell. These are the dreaded day of waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Sometimes you start to wonder if it got lost in the mail or sent to the wrong place. You go back and make sure you didn’t put in the wrong address number and when you realize it’s all correct you give a sign of relief and go back to waiting for it to come.

Then one miraculous day comes where you check the mailbox or the mailman rings at your door and it’s arrived! You feel like a kid on Christmas morning getting to rip into the box and open up what you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes it feels like this day will never come, but we know it always will and when it does it’s amazing.

Or should I say that feeling is Simply Awesome!

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