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Are you stuck in the social media loop? Scrolling for hours upon hours each day and not really getting much out of it? Social media has become both a blessing and a curse to today’s society. It offers so much value, when used properly, but can also become a time-sucking app.


Information Overload


On one hand, social media apps can give you access to an insurmountable load of information. This can be great, but on the flip side, you are getting exposed to so much negative information. Without even trying to the news is flooding into your feed and impacting your mindset. Whether you like it or not, the people you follow have the ability to change your mood with their posts.


If you follow people who share gratitude and positivity this will have a positive effect on you. Lately, when I scroll through my Facebook feed I’ve been finding the opposite to be true. It’s just news post after news post, and it makes me avoid the app all-together. 


Social Media is Great!


Social media can be a great thing. It’s an awesome way to advertise your brand, connect with new friends and get content inspiration. That being said, the average time people are spending on social media has skyrocketed over the last few years.


In 2019, the average person was spending 2 hours 23 minutes daily on social media. That’s almost 870 hours a year! Which works out to 36.25 DAYS! Think about how many times you, or someone you know, has complained about not having enough time to do something. If you cut out even an hour a day from your time spent on social media that would free up 365 hours. Think about all the extra work you could get done with the… 15 DAYS you’d be saving.


I get that social media is often used while commuting or to kill time while waiting. So, it might not quite work out to 15 days when you subtract the amount of time it’s used in a multitasking fashion. But, nonetheless, it’s a massive amount of time that’s being spent scrolling on your phone. Take that time and use it for something a little more productive. Create some content, or just take in the world around you.


You Need A Break


While social media comes with its upside, it’s important to give yourself time away from it. Not only because it can lead to negative emotions but also because it’s a lot of screen time. I highly suggest that people carve out some time each day, or each week, to put the phone down and connect with the world in person.


I’m not saying you have to go a whole day without it, as a business owner who gets a lot of my clients through Instagram, I understand that can sound daunting. You don’t want to miss out on a whole day or potential clients and networking. But… you’ll thank me later for it. Taking some time away from it all will allow you to get the creative juices flowing and come up with more content ideas for when you go back to it.


Just A Habit



One thing I’ve noticed is that if I’m doing nothing, it’s become a habit to just surf social media. For me, this is the time I’m trying to cut back. I use social media as a way to grow my business and share new tips and tricks with my community. That time is spent with a purpose, so I don’t mind it and I don’t feel like it’s time I should replace.


Creating a meaningful connection with people on my Instagram has led to business friendships, sounding boards and new clients. All that is great, but the time I want to cut down on is when I’m more or less mindlessly scrolling through my feed.


It’s not about taking away the intentional time you’re spending using social media, but to cut back on that extra time. The time spent that isn’t really serving you a purpose. Then take that time and use it for something more productive.


I find it helpful to dedicate time each day to social media and then try to avoid it outside that time. Almost like I’m setting office hours for myself. I’m not loosing out on opportunities but it also forces me to use my time on Instagram more intentionally.


Put The Phone Down


If you’re been struggling to figure out what to do when you’ve put your phone down then look no further. I’ve come up with 50 ideas for things you can do instead of hopping on social media. 


Just For Fun

  1. Play a board game
  2. Go on a staycation
  3. Browse Pinterest for a DIY project to do
  4. Doodle or draw
  5. Watch a comedy special
  6. Create some content
  7. Put together a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs
  8. Create a vision or mood board
  9. Hit up your local art museum (or explore them online)
  10. Start a home garden

Self Care 

  1. Take a nice warm bath
  2. Do some journalling
  3. Try a meditation app
  4. Throw on some headphones and listen to music
  5. Read a book
  6. Take a yoga class
  7. Give your self a mani-pedi
  8. Face mask
  9. Make a homemade sugar or coffee scrub
  10. Call a friend/family member

Get Out Of The House

  1. Take a hike
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Have a swim
  4. Picnic in the park
  5. Volunteer at a local charity
  6. Hit the gym
  7. Take some nature photos
  8. Try a new fitness class
  9. Grab a friend and go see a movie
  10. Watch the sunrise or sunset

Tasty Treats

  1. Try a new coffee shop
  2. Go to a local restaurant (not a chain)
  3. Make your favourite childhood dessert
  4. Grab coffee with a friend
  5. Buy a pint of your favourite ice cream and watch a movie
  6. Go to the movies, just for the popcorn
  7. Try out a “nice cream” recipe
  8. DIY popcorn seasoning
  9. Bake an assortment of cookies
  10. Go out for gelato 

Get Organized

  1. Clean up your bedroom
  2. Organize your calendar
  3. Finish your to-do list
  4. Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t want anymore
  5. Plan your meals for the next week
  6. Wash the dishes
  7. Update your resume
  8. Create a budgeting document
  9. Clear out your social media accounts, remove those who don’t make you feel good
  10. Purge your fridge, and pantry, of all the old food


Whether you spend time alone or with friends and family, it makes no difference. Taking time away from your phone, or screens in general, will have a great impact and help you reconnect with yourself. Self-care is super important, especially for your mindset. Social media floods up with countless articles and ideas but doesn’t always remind us to be true to ourselves. 

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