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Living the Dream


At some point, most of us have dreamed about working from home. Sleeping in, working from the comfort of your bed, and better yet not having to wear pants. While working from home is a fantasy for some, many others have turned it into a reality. With more and more people starting to work for themselves, anywhere can be your office.


Social media has changed the work game and made it easier than ever to run a successful business from home. Even if you don’t work for yourself you may have been graced the opportunity to telework, or work remotely. This can be an amazing opportunity to turn your living room into your office or create a stunning home office. 


I’ve been self-employed, and working freelance, for the past three years and have picked up some tips to stay productive while working from home. Most of what I’ve been since graduating from college has been working from home. I’ve had countless chats with friends who have never worked from home where they tell me they can’t be productive or they find they’re getting nothing done.


Over the years I’ve been able to find out what works for me and what doesn’t. For all of you struggling to be productive while working from home, this is for you!! Amid the COVID-19 pandemic across the world I thought, what better time to create a post about how to work from home.


Most people who have never worked from home are now being asked to telecommute to work and it can be difficult if it’s not something you’re used to. Working from home isn’t for everyone but sometimes it’s the way it happens. As I’m writing this COVID-19 is ramping up and more and more people are confiding in their living rooms to become their office.


Working from Home, and Staying Productive


1. Limit Distractions


Whether this is kids, partners or Netflix, anyways that you can limit distractions the better. It’s never easy to be productive while 5 other things are going on around you. While I understand that it’s not always possible, especially with the current situations, to distance yourself from the rest of your family it will help when it comes to productivity.


If you’re like me and prefer to listen to music while you’re working, use that as a way to drown out distracting noises that might pull your attention from the task at hand.


2. Use time blocking


Time blocking has helped me immensely when it comes to working from home. I’ve talked about it before, and I continue to recommend it as a way of being more productive.


To break it down, write out the tasks that you need to get done that day, or week. Figure out how much time it will take you, or how much time you’re giving yourself to work on it. From there you can easily schedule out your day task by task. Make sure you’re providing time in between tasks, and while still working on longer tasks, to stretch, get some water or grab a snack. This allows your brain a short break from the task at hand and will help you be more productive.


3. Put your phone away


This goes along with limiting distractions. Our phones and social media can cause constant distraction from our work, which often is less than ideal. Phones are great but they also make it hard to get your work done.


I suggest putting it in a different room completely but if you’re waiting for calls or using it for various other reasons I suggest putting it on silent (or at least vibrate). This way you won’t be looking over every time you get a notification.


4. Keep your routine


For those of you who normally work in an office or other space, try to stick to your daily routine as much as possible. This will help keep the transition from going to work each day to working from home much easier.


The New Yorker said that keeping up with your regular schedule can help you adjust to working from home if you’re not used to it. Try to wake up at the same time and go about everything as normal, when you would normally leave for work head to your home office and sit down to power through your work.


This can even include chatting with the same work friends as you normally do. Consider giving them a call on your phone, Facetime or if it’s a group of you try a Zoom call. 


5. Create a Space


If you can, dedicate a space in your home to be your work area. If you have a home office that’s great but if not consider setting up at your dinner table or creating a workspace in your living room. This will help keep you focused and on task while at home. That space will be solely for working and can help you power through.


I do suggest moving your office space out of your bedroom, whenever possible, in order to stay more productive. This will also force you to get up and dressed in the morning rather than scrolling Instagram in bed.


Home Office For The Win!


One of the benefits of working from home, which goes along with not having to leave the house, is a change in business attire. Spend a day working in your PJ’s just because you can and feel super comfy while you work.


Working from home might not be your ideal situation but sometimes life gets in the way. Whether it’s full days or maybe just some extra hours, being able to work from home is an amazing skill to have. It might take some time to get used to the new environment, and the distractions that come with it.


Try to keep it as similar to what you’re used to as you can, and allow yourself to be a little less productive than you usually are. Curl up at your desk, drink a little too much coffee and get shit done!

12 thoughts on “Effectively Working From Home

  1. Very helpful post! I’ve worked from home for years, and recently rented a co-working space because I’d fallen into unproductive habits – now, with COVID-19, I’m back at home and this will really help to get me back into productive mode – thanks!

  2. Very helpful tips on how to work from home. I agree that distractions need to be minimized for it to work.
    Goal setting is also a great idea to help you stay on task

    1. I’ve been working from home for a while now and still find it hard to be productive at times. I will say that the time blocking tactic has been amazing for me but it’s all about finding what works best for you and what you can turn into a habit.

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